May 8, 2017

We are a nation that is governed by the  rule of law. We have freedom but freedom is constrained by laws in both the state of nature and political society. In our society we have established hierarchies upon which these laws are enforced. Depending on the situation; determines who is in charge of enforcing the rules and or laws for that situation. In the classroom it is the teacher, at work it is your supervisor, on the streets it is our protective services (police, fire departments , etc.) children live by the rule their parents deem fit for their child.  With this said in today world I see time a time again how violence has occurred and injury or death has resulted. Most of these situations are people who are being defiant and refusing to obey those who are in charge of that giving situation. The rules are there to protect you and others, if people are out there doing as they please and putting themselves or others in harm’s way.  We expect our authorities or those in charge of the situation to resolve it and insure safety.

It also appears that we have a group of people (all age, race and religions) out there who lack respect for out rule of law. If the police tell you to stop you stop, if you are asked by disembark a plane you leave, if you are in a public forum and are told that you are being disrupted, loud or rude you stop. The idea that people can do, and say as they please without repercussion is insanity, I feel that the lack of respect for other is where some of this behave is based. I personally had a very strict up bring and was educated by Francian and Norte Dame Nuns , daily we were educated and taught the important’  of respect . You respect your parents, your teaches, your peers, societies authority figures and most of all yourself.

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