May 12, 2017

Health care in the USA is different than in other counties because health care is for profit.  I am not only speaking of the insurance company but the providers, hospitals, and the drug company as well.  It’s amazing how I have a prescription that the generic cost $327.00 at my local retail pharmacy, I am unable to get it via mail order but I can get the brand name drug through Canada Pharmacy for $113.00 that is a 289% make up in the USA. Something we need to think about?

There is currently a lot of debate on Obamacare vs Trumpcare (grant it no one knows what trumpcare will look like so nothing can be said about it at this time). Here is the truth about Obamacare. Everyone has coverage as long as you buy a policy, but access to care is a different story. The doctors who take Obamacare are extremely limited and even if you have coverage most will not seek treatment because their max out of pocket (deductible and co-insurance) is at a catastrophic level when compared to their income current. The major of Obamacare plans your max out of pocket in 2017 is $7,150 for an individual and $14,300 for a family so if a family make the national median income of $55,775. If you have a major medical event your out of pocket us roughly 13% of your annual income. If you are unfortunate enough for 2 people who have a major medical even in one year 26% of your income will be spent on care. Please note this is your income before taxes not after tax income. So, the impact on your actual money in the bank is far great then the percentages stated above.  Also note that many people who are on Obamacare their income is far lower them the USA median income. So, image if your income is $25,000 or $30,000; the calculation are as follows using $30,000 as income, Individual is 24% and family 48%.

Another factor that must be address since health care is a for profit industry.  Providers are bowing out of Obamacare because right out of the gate they run the risk of not being paid for the first $7,150.00 which creates a lost, anyone who has run a business know that you cannot have large losses and stay in business. Insurance company have also stepped out of the market place because of loses as well.  People who went without insurance signed up as soon as they were sick and canceled the coverage once their treatment was completed. There were some people who had their lives saved, I am not disputing this point. Which is great for them but ethically unfair to those who pick up the major of the bill. Insurance is something you purchase in advance of a problem happen not when a problem happens. You would not purchase home owner’s insurance while your house is on fire?

And the final item I would like people to consider is that be healthy and take care of yourself is a personal choice. No amount of health insurance will make you healthy. You must eat right, watch your weight and be active. So, unless you choose to do this the best health insurance is not going to save you. Most illness that plague the USA are a matter of the choice that people made and are preventable. Of course, there are other that will happen not matter how well you take care of yourself but everyone should try to be as healthy as possible.

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